ArcGIS® Anchors Grid Modernization

How are utilities dealing with shrinking revenues, rising costs, and skyrocketing customer demands while strengthening resiliency?

The answer: create a tougher, smarter, more secure, and healthier grid. ArcGIS® software can help. It provides understanding, engagement, and insight into nearly all dimensions of grid operations. ArcGIS is a location intelligence platform. It needs to be a critical element of grid modernization. Why? Location plays such a dominant role in both the problems and the solutions facing utilities today.

Grid modernization relies heavily on a thorough understanding of the physical aspects of the grid. Utilities need to understand the behavior and the vulnerabilities of the grid. ArcGIS provides the means to model the grid in detail. The DOE stated that the grid must be made resilient, reliable, secure, affordable, flexible, and sustainable. ArcGIS is the technology to help utilities do that. ArcGIS does this in three unique ways. It unifies IT and OT into a single coherent framework. It Leverages spatial analysis. Finally, it provides operational awareness. This paper examines how these attributes anchor grid modernization.

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