Leveraging CDI Technology for Grid Optimization and Resilience

AI for a Smarter Grid

Utilities and developers leverage Veritone’s AI-powered CDI technology for energy optimization and autonomous microgrid management--enhancing resilience, promoting safety and eliminating manual error and cost.

What is CDI?

Veritone’s patented CDI (Cooperative Distributed Inferencing) technology forms the backbone of Veritone Energy Solutions, delivering real-time dynamic modeling at the edge and predictive control that ensures optimal autonomous decision making across all grid devices.

CDI self-learns and adapts to ensure all energy devices in a microgrid, such as solar and battery power, deliver optimal energy at peak demand times and continue to operate autonomously if isolated from the main grid due to extreme weather or natural disaster.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Harness the power of AI for grid optimization and resilience
  • Perform real-time dynamic grid modeling and learning
  • Use CDI-optimized models to control and synchronize grid resources
  • Leverage CDI’s distributed agent-based approach across all DERs on the grid
  • Continuously ensure always-optimal power
  • Provide autonomous microgrid operation in case of emergency
  • Make clean energy more predictable, cost effective and resilient
  • And much more.

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